Education is the most powerful tool to change the world

What We Do

What We Do

Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love


We Find & Fund

Our persistent efforts to identify the poor children with the help of friends and colleagues is a challenge. We have to persuade the parents to send their children to school. They were indifferent because of financial crunch. We offer monetary help to these underprivileged children so that they go to school to study. We provide their school fees, uniforms, books etc. This is possible because of a few altruistic volunteers who enjoy an affluent life and status, and are always in search of a right place to give back to the society. We give them a platform which in return give them satisfaction, and enthralling experience being with children. We know our collaborative endeavours have immense potential to bring about a desirable change.


To empower our children through relevant education:

We aim to facilitate skill development for their economic sustainability. For this we enhance their learning of various subjects in their local school. We give them a platform to to clear out their doubts to experiment, explore and perform on various occasions at different venues and acknowledge their commendable achievements by giving them awards in cash as an incentive. We support them till they are financially independent.


We finance students for their critical needs:

We not only take care of children’s educational development but provide them health and care facilities too. We support students with critical illnesses nd operations. During Corona period ,we even provided daily need items like packets consisting of flour, rice Sugar, grams, spices cereal vegetables on need basis.,when any unprecedented tragedy occurs in the family of these under privileged children, we provide them financial support as well. This gives them emotional and mental strength at the time of need.


We promote sustainable development and employment.

We explore their inborn quality, train them, give them opportunity to showcase their talents, whether it is scholastic or in Co-curricular activities. We find out employment opportunities also as per their interests and aptitude. It is possible because of our resourceful volunteers who are involved with their all their empathy, love, warmth and profound social consciousness with us, which gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction. We invite their parents too for appropriate counselling in the grooming of their wards.


We emphasise on holistic development:

Our goal is not just to improve their fundamental learning skills but also infuse in them different useful skills, knowledge, and values too so that they become promising entrepreneurs. Their commendable performance in debates, drama, poetry recitation speeches, classical dancing and music are the activities which are accomplished in them by our professional volunteers. Some are exemplary in making projects and explaining the modus operandi confidently .Our centre is found bustling with activities. Hues of learning with fun and understanding only bind them with our Center.


We conduct workshops for life skill development:

We invite resource persons to conduct workshops to enhance life skills. Which train the children to pave their way to become well balanced meticulous individual who are not only prepared to touch the stars but tackle adversaries
with the right decision and action. Quite often we too apprise them with difficult situations and tackling them logically. During Corona period to fulfil the meagre income of their parents our children too got busy in stitching and selling masks and other requirements.


We train young minds to give back to the society

We inculcate empathy, respect, sense of ownership to become a sensitive human being with empathy in coping with needs, emotions and stress of others too, so that children become volunteers themselves. Volunteering in Blind School’s, Orphanages, Old age homes, Deaf and Dumb societies are mandatory activities done on weekly basis. For this they have the living examples, our teacher volunteers who have devoted their time and money without any vested interests.


We combat with social stigma and limitations by empowering families.

We in our Centre try to convince the parents to get rid of their fear of illogical traditions and apprise them about their repercussions. Some of the parents never sent their children especially girls to school or got their daughters married at an early age. Recently in one of the cases our girl child could dare to refuse for
early marriage and succeeded in tackling this problem. This becomes our goal as core stories of their lives ;their voices; their dreams, do matter for us.


We have collaborated our traditional learning ways with contemporary learning

We collaborate modern technology of teaching with our wealth of traditional learning methodology in teaching for their cognitive development which makes children value oriented and innovative individual. Learning by doing, we practice wholeheartedly.


We offer latest resources to make education impactful

We facilitate them with on line studies all kind of computer training etc. We provide them on line workshops, virtual classes and meetings. Our Center organises workshops on Personality Development, Grooming, Public Speaking, Leadership Skills, Ikigai etc on line. Children are motivated to search trash and to make accessories this challenge was taken enthusiastically they made boxes cards paintings on wood and canvas this way team building, imagination and coordination skills were developed on the basis of their cognitive learning.

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