"The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark" -Thomas Paine


10th Founder's Day

Celebrated 10th founders day and also launched our Quarterly SMCT newsletter.

The Workshop

At SMCT, as mentors, our responsibility is to teach our students educational, vocational as well as life skills. In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is essential to meet the challenges of everyday life, especially now during this pandemic. To cope up with the increasing pace and dynamism of modern life, students need life skills such as resilience and agility. Our students will have many new jobs over the course of their lives, for this, they must have the agility and flexibility to stand strong in the face of change and the unknown.

While our students thrive when it comes to academics, many still struggle to converse effectively with others due to self-doubt and lack of personality development. Thus, to combat this and equip our children with the eloquence and confidence of a great speaker, we invited an esteemed life coach Mr. Aashwini Sharma to conduct a workshop on ‘Mindfulness’ on Zoom. Initially planned to be a one-hour long workshop, the students and the esteemed coach ended up having a two-hour long conversation. Children were not only given actionable tips but were also taught effective techniques to combat stage fear, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, etc.

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Mental Health Sessions

A very fruitful workshop on ‘Mental Health Issues Faced By Adolescents’ was delivered by Dr. Kavita Mehta Thukral. The session was truly very engaging and interactive. Useful concepts like that of Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) were discussed with the students. This session was followed by the project ‘KUSUM’, which involved distributing hygiene packs among the underprivileged students.

Workshop at HCL

Weekend workshop around photography and Wall painting workshop with HCL technology.

Educational Sessions

An informative session regarding ‘Cancer Awareness And Prevention’ was taken by Dr. Kavita. It was an interactive session and Dr. Kavita addressed each and every query put forward by our inquisitive students with utmost patience.

Eye Checkup

Eye check-up by Dr Prarthana Anand for Prayas children, thank you very much for kind gesture.

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Picnic and Delhi Darshan

To celebrate SMCT Founders Day, our students were taken on a frolic-filled excursion to various tourist attractions around Delhi. It was a great and memorable experience for our students.

"Kabad Se Jugad"

A workshop around ‘Waste Management’ was conducted in association with Creative Adda Delhi to encourage our children to think creatively and create useful stuff from waste. This was a fun experience and our children learnt new things through hands-on activities.

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The Workshop

We are grateful to the team Parwarish – Workshops for Parents, Teachers and Children for conducting a workshop around ‘Sex Education and Awareness’ to make our students more mindful about their bodies and to combat sexual abuse.
It was an eye-opening session for our children and they got the opportunity to learn new things about their bodies. Sex Education is most often ignored by educators and parents but we strongly believe that Sex Ed has several positive effects including increasing young people’s knowledge and improving their attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and behaviors. We thank Rina Sharma for connecting and for encouraging us to conduct this workshop.

National Science Concours Team, Science Camp

We are thankful to National Science Concours team, science camp organised by Pivotal Consultancy Services every year, to provide exposure to PRAYAS children to participate as volunteers. Every year they extend this opportunity to 5 children. This is part of Prayas’s overall development commitment of children.