“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust

Anek Aashayien "EK PRAYAS"

Who We Are

Every year, many children living in and around the slums of Noida drop out of schools owing to the poor financial condition of their families and end they up working in order to earn a minimal so they can support their families. For each child sponsored under this project, survival was an everyday struggle, and continuing her education was a distant dream. The Program ‘Anek Aashayein, Ek Prayas’ has been able to help these underprivileged children by giving them an opportunity to have a bright future through vocational training and fruitful workshops.

The project helps the underprivileged children to continue their studies with the support of their sponsoring donors. In addition to giving financial assistance, the program also ensures individual attention to each child. This is achieved through the daily interactions, between the students and a team of dedicated volunteers at the Tuition Center. These students are supported by us until they complete their education and become employable.

What We Do

Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love


We Find & Fund

Our persistent efforts to identify the poor children with the help of friends and colleagues is a challenge. We have to persuade the parents to send their children to school. They were indifferent because of financial crunch. We offer monetary help to these underprivileged children so that they go to school to study. We provide their school fees, uniforms, books etc. This is possible because of a few altruistic volunteers who enjoy an affluent life and status, and are always in search of a right place to give back to the society. We give them a platform which in return give them satisfaction, and enthralling experience being with children. We know our collaborative endeavours have immense potential to bring about a desirable change.


To empower our children through relevant education:

We aim to facilitate skill development for their economic sustainability. For this we enhance their learning of various subjects in their local school. We give them a platform to to clear out their doubts to experiment, explore and perform on various occasions at different venues and acknowledge their commendable achievements by giving them awards in cash as an incentive. We support them till they are financially independent.


We finance students for their critical needs:

We not only take care of children’s educational development but provide them health and care facilities too. We support students with critical illnesses nd operations. During Corona period ,we even provided daily need items like packets consisting of flour, rice Sugar, grams, spices cereal vegetables on need basis. When any unprecedented tragedy occurs in the family of these under privileged children, we provide them financial support as well. This gives them emotional and mental strength at the time of need.


We promote sustainable development and employment.

We explore their inborn quality, train them, give them opportunity to showcase their talents, whether it is scholastic or in Co-curricular activities. We find out employment opportunities also as per their interests and aptitude. It is possible because of our resourceful volunteers who are involved with their all their empathy, love, warmth and profound social consciousness with us, which gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction. We invite their parents too for appropriate counselling in the grooming of their wards.


We emphasise on holistic development:

Our goal is not just to improve their fundamental learning skills but also infuse in them different useful skills, knowledge, and values too so that they become promising entrepreneurs. Their commendable performance in debates, drama, poetry recitation speeches, classical dancing and music are the activities which are accomplished in them by our professional volunteers. Some are exemplary in making projects and explaining the modus operandi confidently .Our centre is found bustling with activities. Hues of learning with fun and understanding only bind them with our Center.


We conduct workshops for life skill development:

We invite resource persons to conduct workshops to enhance life skills. Which train the children to pave their way to become well balanced meticulous individual who are not only prepared to touch the stars but tackle adversaries
with the right decision and action. Quite often we too apprise them with difficult situations and tackling them logically. During Corona period to fulfil the meagre income of their parents our children too got busy in stitching and selling masks and other requirements.

"Siddharth Nayyar" in whose loving memory "SMCT" was founded

A poem written by Siddharth Nayyar in whose memory the Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust was established on 29 of July, 2009 with the mission to make a positive difference in the lives of the economically backward and underprivileged children. To fulfill the aims & objectives, the Trust initiated a program ‘Anek Aashayein Ek Prayas’ on 13th of Feburary, 2010.

The sun may not shine
and the moon’s all thunderous
but I shall exist
the flowers may not bloom
but I shall persist
the breeze may not blow
and the rain drops leave scars
but I shall exist
the body may not wither
and the soul’s all torn up
but I shall persist,
I’m hope


Our CSR Sponsors

What our student says?

Miss Kumkum Experience with “Ek Prayas”

Today, I am going to share my experience of the program “Ek Prayas” of Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust. When I got passed in 5th standard from Smile Foundation, my parents left their hope for my further studies.  One day, Mr. P.K.Nayyar and Mrs. Shalini Dhingra came to our school, where I had completed my 5th standard education.  They chose me as a bright student under the program “Ek Prayas” along with 6 six other student of the same school in the academic  year 2010-11, which helped us a lot in our life in terms of quality education, talent, jobs etc.  Ek Prayas has provided us high education in high standard school which is not possible for poor families.  It has provided us many facilities like general awareness and Counselling, management and skill development workshops, quality education etc.  Till now the “Ek Prayas” has continue to support for more than 100 less privileged students. I have learnt many things here like Dance, Acting, Calligraphy, Martial Art etc apart from education.  All the Volunteers are very supportive and always ready to help. Even in the period of Lockdown due to pandemic Covid-19, on line classes are provided by the teacher Volunteers of the Trust, so that students do not miss their studies.  Essential Grocery items were also provide to the children families during Lockdown. Today, I m working with well reputed company as a “Service Provider” just because of  the program “Ek Prayas”. I feel very proud that I am a part of the Ek Prayas family.

Miss. Kumkum
Student at PRAYAS
Its been awesome 6 years with Prayas

I became a part of this beautiful family in the year 2012, never knew my life would take such a turn and would be opened up to abundance of knowledge, love and values.
I’ve been so privileged to be a part of this family, can’t forget the n number of workshop we attended, n number of people we met, n number of memories we’ve made together and i feel each and every one of that shaped me as a person i am today.
SMCT, this all started with a goal to work for underprivileged kids and provide them with A-class education but i can proudly say they’ve not only worked to provide us education but have shaped our lifes and i feel i’m the most privilege to be a part of it. SMCT not just an organisation, it’s a big happy family which is changing lives of hundreds today and definitely millions tomorrow.

Shubham Bhandari
Former Student of PRAYAS
I never felt that my education is getting affected because I belong to "Economically Weaker Section"

I am Madhu jha student of class 12th in city public school. I joined SMCT in 2014 without any skill. SMCT family supported me and provide me all the facilities which a student should get and even more. I never felt that my education is getting affected because I belong to EWS(economically weaker section) . I got opportunity to enhance my several skills like writing, speaking, etc. Here I got a platform to present myself and get in touch with digital world. Today I am able to write only because of the trust and support shown by our Ek Prayas family. 

Km. Madhu Jha
Student at PRAYAS
Fortunate to be a part of a such a wonderful family!

I am Deepak, part of a such a wonderful family
sice last 9 year and continuing further. I am in final year (3rd) of my collage (IIMT group of collage )and I am pursuing mechanical engineering. After being part of ‘ek prayas’, I got many opportunities to grab new skills like learning computer, leadership qualities and robotics and prayas also helped me to find my destination/ purpose of life, that is to serve who is in need by guiding and teaching them, like my family ‘ek prayas’ (Siddharth memorial Charitable trust )do…. And now my focus is to be a Robotics Engineer and to work in a USA Robotic Company (Boston Dynamics) Ek prayas gave me the opportunity to acquire skills and learning professionally the computer programming. Now I am able to do computer basic , computer language, robotic , website making etc.
All I am today is due to my ek prayas family.

Former Student of PRAYAS

In the news


Most frequent questions and answers

The Trust initiated the  program “Ek Prayas” under which  the quality education to  less privileged children  from Class-VI onwards from the academic session 2010-11, who are risk of discontinuing their studies due to very impoverished circumstances is being provided. The Trust support the less privileged children without considering his/her cast, creed and religion.  The Trust is not only providing quality education but also emphasis on all round development of each child through a series of activities. Besides academics, the Trust also provides vocational training according to the interest of the child in; Dance, Art & Craft, Photography, Digital Marketing, Doodling, Robotics, Coding etc. Renowned teachers in these fields train them. The Trust supports the students in their holistic development till they get placement.

The whole  beneficaries of the donations received are the studens of  “Ek Prayas”.  As the Trust has to pay the admission fee, Tutition fee of the students  to the public school/college, where they are admitted.  The Trust also provide books, stationery and  school uniforms  to the students.

The person who is well qualified and is passionate about teaching is given the opportunity to be a volunteer. Also an interview is conducted to ensure the volunteer is empathetic and has strong sentiments to devote his/her  valuable  time for  the upliftment of  less privileged children of the society.

Approx 70% of  the donations  received are utilized in the payment of  School/College fee, Books, Stationery and School uniform.  The main chunk of the balance amount is spent for the rented  premises i.e. Rs.25000/-PM, which is utilized as our centre of the Trust.  The administrative  expenses are very nominal, as the most of the services provided i.e. tution classes in all subjects, workshops and motivating classes  under the program “Ek Prayas” are given by our  dedicated volunteers of the Trust voluntarily.

The Accounts of the Trust is regularly Audited  by the Chartered Account of the Trust. The Turst is filing the I.T.return, since the inception of the Trust i.e. from the A.Y. 2010-11 to 2019-20.  The Trust is also in process of filing ITR for the A.Y. 2020-21. Further any sponsors can inspect the accounts of the Trust by giving pre-intimation of 15days to the Managing Trustee.

All the donations are only  received through banking channel i.e. Cheque, Draft, RTGS, NEFT and IMPS.  The Trust never receive donations in cash.

Progress of each and every child is monitored in all spheres of development. Proper attendance chart is maintained in all activities not just in education. Marks are assigned to every activity, be it attending a life skill workshop or participating in a curricular activity. Since our approach is holistic, exams and tests are not the only means to judge IQ of the child. EQ and vocational skills acquired are  also given equal weightage. So, that proper counselling can be given to the students to take right stream after 10th Grade and join appropriate course for graduation. Thus, ensuring good employability.

 The Trust is registered under section 12AA of the I.T.Act,1961 vide .No.57(41)/Regn.12A/CIT-GZB/2010-11 dated 25.03.2011 and Tax Exemption under section 80G granted vide C.No.58(55)/Tax Exemption/CIT-GZB/2010-11/4373 dated 25.03.2011.  All the donations made by the Sponsors are subject to Tax exemptions u/s 80G of the I.T.Act,1961.

The person who is well qualified and is passionate about teaching is given the opportunity to be a volunteer. Also an interview is conducted to ensure the volunteer is empathetic and has strong sentiments to devote his/her  valuable  time for  the upliftment of  less privileged children of the society.