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The Trust is registered under section 12A of the I.T. Act and has exemption under section 80G of the I.T.Act,1961, which means 50% of your donations are exempted from tax under section 80G. The Trust account books are regularly audited by a  Chartered Accountant and  regularly filing the Income Tax Return since the inception of the Trust.

The Trust has been granted registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act,2010 vide registration No.137400037 dated 13/06/2023 and now our Trust is eligible for taking foreign donations only in newly opened FCRA Savings Account No.39972760116, Branch Code:00691, IFSC: SBIN0000691, SWIFT: SBININBB104 maintained in State Bank of India, FCRA Cell, 4th Floor, New Delhi Main Branch, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001.

Payment Method (NGO Bank transfer):


  • Bank Account No. – 398502010103447
  • IFS Code: UBIN0539856.
  • Acc Name : Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust,
  • Bank name: Union Bank of India, Brahmputra Complex, Secor-29, Noida


  • Bank Account No. – 021001214101
  • IFS Code: HDFC0CCBL02.
  • Acc Name : Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust,
  • Bank name: Citizen Co-operative Bank, B-1A/36, Sector-51, Noida

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What our donors say?

I got engaged with SMCT "Ek Prayas" as a sponsor around 7 years ago when I got to know the entire thought process behind its motive to help with education and all round development to deserving kids who do not have much privileges in life. I am short of words and emotions when I see the achievement of these young people in different aspects of life whether it is education, entrepreneurship, art, dance, IT and many more. It is just amazing and I feel like, when I can retire soon and become a volunteer and share the rest of my life with the team. The word "EK PRAYAS" is so apt and this is actually an absolutely selfless prayas by Mr and Mrs Nayyar and many volunteers in nurturing these young generations into Gems. I am proud to be part of it and I always feel I am not doing much lesser than I should be doing and can I also do "ek Prayas". My best wishes to all in SMCT.
Ashish Gupta
Chartered Accountant
Bhagwad Geeta Categorises "GYAN YAGNA "as noblest of yagnas. I , Col (R) Ravinder Kumar prefer to financially support SIDDHARTH MEMORIAL CHARITABLE TRUST( SMCT) EK PRAYAS since it provides me an opportunity to contribute towards the most laudable of activities of education and development of underprivileged children of Indian society.
Ravinder Kumar
Retired Colonel
SMCT, to me is the place where an under privileged child can bring a positive, lasting, permanent change in their life. It is a rare place where students are the focus and remain stake holders even after graduation, to carry the benefit to the next generation. The ancient philosophy of “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand” comes alive in the students through the dedication of Poonam and her team. Donating is simple but transforming lives needs continuous courage and commitment. My association with SMCT over the past years has not only enriched me but also brought an understanding of the real value of Saraswati here, which represents intelligence, consciousness, creativity, education, enlightenment and power
Reena Sharma
POSH trainer

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What our volunteers say?

It give such a rich feeling to be a part of SMCT, I was introduced to the organization around 10 years back. I still remember the young innocent, student of class 10, whose ever growing quest for learning said it all…the grip was so rigid and the bonding between students and teachers was so pure that I never could break the association with SMCT. Over the years our centre has worked hard at all corners for over all development of the students …. and the hard work of one and all is showing through the allumini settling at prestigious position in the Society…Cheers to team SMCT, Students and Teachers…for whom….” Sky is the limit” because victory is their profession.
Mrs. Rashmi
Science Teacher
A conglomeration of various professionals primarily the teachers, the educators under the umbrella of SMCT has become a big family. It is the passion, the commitment, the selfless devotion of the people who are engaged in shaping the young lives. The bigger purpose has engulfed the team keeping them committed and motivated.
I am motivated!
Brig. Y.R. Maindiratta
Sena Medal
SMCT is an organization, which thinks beyond educating children to achieve their full potential. It stands for transforming lives, not only for the children but also for the volunteering teachers. I have been in the line of teaching for last 25 years. As an administrator & teacher I always struggled to cover the syllabus than uncovering the syllabi. Here I get full freedom to teach children creatively, help them think out of the box and equip them with life skills which actually matter in life. I consider myself fortunate to have joined Ek Prayas. The founders, Mrs & Mr Nayyar are so selflessly dedicated to support children that their passion rubs into all associated with it.
Mrs Ela Baijal
Teaching Volunteer

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Trust initiated the  program “Ek Prayas” under which  the quality education to  less privileged children  from Class-VI onwards from the academic session 2010-11, who are risk of discontinuing their studies due to very impoverished circumstances is being provided. The Trust support the less privileged children without considering his/her cast, creed and religion.  The Trust is not only providing quality education but also emphasis on all round development of each child through a series of activities. Besides academics, the Trust also provides vocational training according to the interest of the child in; Dance, Art & Craft, Photography, Digital Marketing, Doodling, Robotics, Coding etc. Renowned teachers in these fields train them. The Trust supports the students in their holistic development till they get placement.

The whole  beneficaries of the donations received are the studens of  “Ek Prayas”.  As the Trust has to pay the admission fee, Tutition fee of the students  to the public school/college, where they are admitted.  The Trust also provide books, stationery and  school uniforms  to the students.

The person who is well qualified and is passionate about teaching is given the opportunity to be a volunteer. Also an interview is conducted to ensure the volunteer is empathetic and has strong sentiments to devote his/her  valuable  time for  the upliftment of  less privileged children of the society.

Approx 70% of  the donations  received are utilized in the payment of  School/College fee, Books, Stationery and School uniform.  The main chunk of the balance amount is spent for the rented  premises i.e. Rs.25000/-PM, which is utilized as our centre of the Trust.  The administrative  expenses are very nominal, as the most of the services provided i.e. tution classes in all subjects, workshops and motivating classes  under the program “Ek Prayas” are given by our  dedicated volunteers of the Trust voluntarily.

The Accounts of the Trust is regularly Audited  by the Chartered Account of the Trust. The Turst is filing the I.T.return, since the inception of the Trust i.e. from the A.Y. 2010-11 to 2019-20.  The Trust is also in process of filing ITR for the A.Y. 2020-21. Further any sponsors can inspect the accounts of the Trust by giving pre-intimation of 15days to the Managing Trustee.

All the donations are only  received through banking channel i.e. Cheque, Draft, RTGS, NEFT and IMPS.  The Trust never receive donations in cash.

Progress of each and every child is monitored in all spheres of development. Proper attendance chart is maintained in all activities not just in education. Marks are assigned to every activity, be it attending a life skill workshop or participating in a curricular activity. Since our approach is holistic, exams and tests are not the only means to judge IQ of the child. EQ and vocational skills acquired are  also given equal weightage. So, that proper counselling can be given to the students to take right stream after 10th Grade and join appropriate course for graduation. Thus, ensuring good employability.

 The Trust is registered under section 12AA of the I.T.Act,1961 vide C.No.57(41)/Regn.12A/CIT-GZB/2010-11 dated 25.03.2011 and Tax Exemption under section 80G granted vide C.No.58(55)/Tax Exemption/CIT-GZB/2010-11/4373 dated 25.03.2011.  All the donations made by the Sponsors are subject to Tax exemptions u/s 80G of the I.T.Act,1961.

The person who is well qualified and is passionate about teaching is given the opportunity to be a volunteer. Also an interview is conducted to ensure the volunteer is empathetic and has strong sentiments to devote his/her  valuable  time for  the upliftment of  less privileged children of the society.